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    Healthcare-Associated Infections

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Smarticles Technology

Today’s clinical microbiology lab faces tremendous trade-offs. Traditional culture-based tests are too slow to enable time-critical healthcare choices. The alternative is to use diagnostics that detect the genes responsible for resistance, but these cannot directly assess how the bacteria responds to the antibiotic.

Smarticles technology represents a new class of molecular diagnostics that eliminates this trade-off. This comprehensive platform combines speed, elegantly simple workflow and the ability to provide a phenotypic result.


What is Smarticles technology?

Engineered bioparticles

Smarticles technology consists of DNA-delivery bioparticles combined with custom-designed DNA molecules that cause live bacteria to produce light.

Specifically targeted

Smarticles bioparticles are engineered to specifically target a species, genus, or family of bacteria.

How it works

Smarticles bioparticles bind to their target and deliver a custom-designed DNA molecule that causes viable bacteria to express luciferase — a molecule that produces light



In the presence of antibiotics, susceptible bacteria targeted by bioparticles will remain dark, while drug-resistant bacteria produce light—quickly and efficiently.

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