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Control HAIs

Get the sensitivity and specificity for infection surveillance that only PCR technology can deliver


The cobas® Cdiff Test detects a broad range of toxinotypes and ribotypes


The cobas® MRSA/SA Test quickly identifies colonized patients to enable decisive action                        

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Detect STIs

Prevent the spread of infection and offer efficiency through an expanding STI menu


The cobas® 4800 CT/NG Test* uses real-time PCR to test for CT/NG simultaneously in the same sample


The cobas® HSV 1 and 2 Test amplifies two separate regions on each of the HSV-1 and HSV-2 genomes to deliver reliable results

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Automated flexibility

Free lab personnel for other tasks with automated PCR setup and minimal daily maintenance


The cobas® 4800 System saves time with first-of-its kind primary sample vial loading


Mixed batching capabilities enable testing of MRSA/SA, Cdiff and HSV 1 and 2 test samples in the same run

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*The cobas® 4800 CT/NG Test is not available in all markets.

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